Rob Heaslip Dance | Freagra


“Play is activity which is unproductive. It is a way of testing the possibilities of the environment and the capabilities of the player.”
Desmond Morris

Identity is such an incredibly important thing to us as humans and to my work. It shapes the very structure of the world we live in. I knew that in order for the dancers to create a world for themselves on stage I would have to allow them the freedom to ‘exist’ uninhibited.

In FREAGRA | A Blurred Expanse I wanted to explore the dynamic in a particular group of people. These people bring their experiences and personalities to the stage, and we use all that to investigate their relationship to each other.

The stage becomes a focal point; a lens through which we examine subconscious impulses, how and when we act on these. My Dramaturg Brigid McCarthy and I wrote a lot looking to find the right wording to keep my ideas clear and precise, while also focusing on the human point-of-view. We arrived at three words – Choice, Consensus and Context.

I set out making A Blurred Expanse absolute in my decision to have all the movement originate from the dancers themselves. Each morning in the studio I would give them movement suggestions and instructions. We allowed the performers freedom of choice in the creative process – with the individual representing choice and the collective representing consensus.

From the outside looking in I used context to shape the work together as a whole, presenting the performers with scenarios and occasions to allow me to ask how they are moving, and why.

As a team we used improvisation as a tool. I wanted to give the performers the freedom to continuously explore and develop their decisions in real time. It’s fleeting, I never see the same thing twice, and this excites me.

I hope the same occurs for you….




Wednesday 28 February, Eastwood Park Theatre, Giffnock
Saturday 3 March, Adam Smith Centre, Kirkcaldy
Wednesday 7 March, Universal Hall, Findhorn
Saturday 10 March, Seall, Skye
Wednesday 14 March, Comar, Mull
Friday 16 March, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh
Monday 19 March, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
Friday 23 March, Dunoon Burgh Hall
Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 March, Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Friday 1st July @ Tramway, Glasgow (Premiere). 7.30pm (book tickets here)
Saturday 2nd @ Tramway, Glasgow. 7.30pm (book tickets here)
Friday 8th July @ Woodend Barn, Banchory. 7.30pm


Choreographer & Director | Rob Heaslip
Original Music | Ross Whyte
Dancers (2018) | Astrid Bramming, Fiona Jeffries, Giulia Montalbano, Tommaso Petrolo & Evan Schwarz
Dramaturg | Brigid McCarthy
Lighting Design | Rob Moloney
Costume Designer | Aaron Jeffrey
Production Manager | Brian Gorman
Producer | Jennifer Phillips
Photography | Sid Scott –