Andy Howitt | Deliberance

We are delighted to be taking our new production 12 Dancers / Deliberance to the Traverse on 21st November.

An all star cast and live music, this is an dramatic new dance production, inspired by the famous line from 12 Angry Men: “It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone.”

Choreographed by Andy Howitt, with an original new score by Stephen Deazley.

This piece marks Andy’s 30th year in dance, which he wanted to mark by working with artists who have inspired him, choreographers he has worked with before and dancers who make him want to create new inspiring dance theatre. Stephen Deazley and Andy Howitt have wanted to collaborate on a production which embeds live music at the heart of their work for some time. The piece has been in development for over a year, and both agree that although challenging, the process has been very fruitful in the creation of a major new score for a dance work.

Cast and Musicians:
Daniel Aing
Angus Balbernie
Norman Douglas
Matthew Hawkins
Andy Howitt
Allan Irvine
Aaron Jeffrey
Steven Martin
Peter Royston
Ian Spink
William Thorburn
Yann Ghiro (Clarinet)
Max Baillie (Violin / Viola)
Matthew Sharp (Cello)
Calum Gourlay (Double Bass)
Audience Feedback

“Just fabulous. Amazing to see 12 male dancers of this calibre on stage at one time. It has set the bar high for the festival”

“I absolutely loved Deliberance. Wonderful – so moving and beautifully performed. Superb music too. Amazing!”

“hugely enjoyable but, more importantly – as great art should be – very thought provoking.”

“we were absolutely mesmerised!”

More information about the production and the cast is available online at: