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Matthew Hawkins & Red Note Ensemble – Vesalli Icones

Matthew Hawkins & Red Note Ensemble new production of  Vesalli Icones – available from Summer 2018.

Rob Heaslip Dance | Freagra

Rob Heaslip Dance’s FREAGRA | A Blurred Expans is an ensemble piece of contemporary dance exploring identity; is one’s identity a choice or a group consensus? Touring Scotland and Ireland Spring 2018.

Julia James-Griffiths – The Box

Julia James-Griffiths’s The Box explores the impact depression can have on an individual, and how our society responds to it.

In development, available from Autumn 2018.

Jack Webb | The End

Jack Webb’s The End – “BEAUTIFUL, UNSETTLING, FAST AND SEXY”. UK Tour 2016.

Dudendance | The Lady Vanishes

Offsite and outdoor performance installation inspired by Victorian spirit photography and belief in the afterlife.


An annual festival celebrating contemporary dance, presenting the best contemporary dance in the North East.

Rob Heaslip & Laura Murphy | Wunderbar

Wunderbar by Rob Heaslip and Laura Murphy at Zoo Southside, 5th – 13th August.

100 Days / 100 Dances

100 DAYS/100 DANCES offered taster classes, performance events and dance ‘happenings’ around the city centre, every day for 100 days.

March Moves

Dance and performance art festival, which took place in Aberdeen in March 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Morna Young | Netting

Set in the north of Scotland, “Netting” is a moving story about finding closure after unimaginable loss. Touing Scotland Spring 2016.


MiniFest is a special week of performances, workshops and free activities, for children aged 6 months to 12 years, and their families.

Dance Amazing

Dance Amazing combined dance, art, design, music and technology to create a magical first arts experience for young people and their families.

Dudendance | Borderlands


Feed your mind and your belly….. Curious is part supper club, part season of contemporary music, theatre and performance events, part conversation with the artists.

The Great Big Dance Show

A showcase of the best dance from Aberdeen and the North East, encompassing a range of styles and featuring performers from all of Aberdeen’s leading dance schools.

Andy Howitt | Deliberance

A dramatic new dance production with an all star cast and live music, inspired by the famous line from 12 Angry Men: “It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone.”

This is Performance Art (Aberdeen) 2011

A four-day festival featuring some of the most exciting and influential performance artists in the world.

GOD (Grumpy Old Dancers)

“These two wildly funny, contrasting choreographers have wanted to dance this duet together for the past 25 years. They are now old and grumpy enough to do it. “

ACT Aberdeen Dance Gala

ACT Aberdeen’s Dance Gala, presenting work by a variety of local dance companies.

Street Theatre | Abderite Theatre Company

Pop up Street Theatre in Aberdeen.

Bogies, Brains and Bile | Abderite Theatre Company

Poor Sam’s not feeling well and the alien world inside Sam’s body has become all topsy-turvy: armies of cells fighting, organs partying, a volcanic belly and intestines knotted and confused.


Dudendance Theatre create work that defies a singular interpretation having pioneered an original voice by layering film, soundtrack, narrative and movement

Jack Webb

Jack is one of Scotland’s leading dancers, choreographers and teachers and winner of the Sunday Herald Culture Awards ‘One to Watch’ 2016.

Rob Heaslip Dance

Rob Heaslip is a by Irish-born, Scottish-based dancer and choreographer. His latest work, FREAGRA | A Blurred Expanse, premeires at Tramway in July 2016.

KaSt Dance Company

KaSt Dance Company produce emotive works that are communicated through a highly energetic and physical movement style.

Julia James-Griffiths

Julia James-Griffiths is an emerging dance artist based in Scotland.

Fuora Dance Project

“ the dancers have real presence, and between them they create an authentic stage world – convincingly specific to them and their material”


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