T-his / T-hat | Fuora Dance Project

Fuora Dance Project. Interactive dance theatre for ages 2 - 7


Fuora Dance Project

“ the dancers have real presence, and between them they create an authentic stage world – convincingly specific to them and their material” Judith Mackrell Current Repertoire available for touring  

Made to Measure

Restless Kreatures Dance Theatre for Family Audiences Performance 45 mins Workshop 15-20 mins Booking: Ruth Kent / ruthckent@gmail.com / 07596 043 584

Abderite Theatre

Bogies, Brains and Bile Abderite Theatre Company Created and performed by Ewan Cameron Produced by Jennifer Phillips Performed by Ewan Cameron and Pamela Donald Schools production and public performance on Saturday 7 February, Lemon Tree Poor Sam’s not feeling well and the alien world inside Sam’s body has become all topsy-turvy: armies of cells fighting,... Continue Reading →

Dance Amazing

Engaging more than 11,000 young people and their families with arts and creativity, Dance Amazing combined dance, art, design, music and technology to create an exciting, stimulating and magical first arts experience for young people and their families.


100 DAYS/100 DANCES was conceived by Jennifer Phillips, and was a Citymoves project as part of Get Scotland Dancing. 100 DAYS/100 DANCES ran from Mon 14th April – Wed 23 July 2014 and took the form of taster classes, performance events and dance ‘happenings’ around the city centre, every day for 100 days. https://storify.com/jkpdalz/100days100dances

March Moves

Janis Claxton Dance at Aberdeen Art Gallery Part of March Moves 2013 (Citymoves Dance Agency) curated/produced by Jennifer Phillips. Photos by Colin Thom

This Is Performance Art (Aberdeen)

16 February - 19 February, 2011 A collaboration between New Moves International, Peacock Visual Arts and Citymoves Dance Agency, (produced by Angela Lennon for Peacock and Jennifer Phillips for Citymoves), This Is Performance Art (Aberdeen), was a four-day festival featuring some of the most exciting and influential performance artists in the world. Black Market International were in residence as part... Continue Reading →

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