Netting – Touring Scotland March 2016

Set in the north of Scotland, “Netting” is a moving story about finding closure after unimaginable loss.


Mini Fest

Mini Fest is a new Festival for early years, older children and their families, at Woodend Barn.

Sprawl | All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre

A space, two people and lots of blocks. A falling woman and a tall man. Sprawl is a dynamic dance theatre duet featuring sibling rivalry and acrobatic partnering, bringing a light hearted experience of live movement to all ages.


Curious is a new series of contemporary music and performance events at Woodend Barn - in partnership with sound, NEAT and Buchanan's Bistro.

KaSt Dance Company | Triple Bill

KaSt is touring Scotland and the UK throughout 2015, and can offer a mixed bill from their repertoire, plus a tailored education programme. “This is dance that moves and engages: dynamic, musical, visceral and performed with an irresistible honesty and commitment that reach into the auditorium.”

Fuora Dance Project

“ the dancers have real presence, and between them they create an authentic stage world – convincingly specific to them and their material” Judith Mackrell Current Repertoire available for touring  

Made to Measure

Restless Kreatures Dance Theatre for Family Audiences Performance 45 mins Workshop 15-20 mins Booking: Ruth Kent / / 07596 043 584

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