Green candidate for Rosemount/Midstocket

I am standing as the Scottish Green’s candidate for the Rosemount/Midstocket by-election on 1st October, this is why:

I would like the opportunity to represent Rosemount/Midstocket. I  moved to Aberdeen in 2002,  to work for the Aberdeen International Youth Festival and  subsequently Citymoves Dance Agency (part of Aberdeen City Council).  I am currently a freelance dance and theatre producer, based at Woodend Barn in Aberdeenshire, and am on the Board of Aberdeen Arts Centre.

I have lived in Rosemount for the last ten years. My daughter is growing up here and has just started at Skene Square School. It’s a great area to live in and I would be honored to represent the people of Rosemount/Midstocket at Aberdeen City Council.

I believe that elected representatives should do just that, represent the people, and I would work to make Aberdeen City Council more transparent, accountable and representative of the views of Aberdeen citizens. I also believe we have a duty to future generations to try to make the world a better and fairer place, whilst looking after it, and that the best place to start to do this is here on our doorstep.

I joined the Green party last September after the Scottish referendum, as I wanted to play a more active part in making a positive difference to our society. I want my daughter to grow up in a society which looks after its most vulnerable, through a real Living Wage and a Citizens income, through better educational opportunities and with public services run for the public good, not for profit. I believe there is a better way of doing things, that puts people and our planet first, and I would like the chance to be part of making Aberdeen greener, fairer and better for all of us.