Premiere of Freagra | A Blurred Expanse

Leading Edinburgh based dance company Rob Heaslip Dance present an ensemble piece of contemporary dance exploring identity; is one’s identity a choice or a group consensus?

From playful harmony to conflict, the dancers invite you in to explore the cause-and-effect in human collective mentality.

How do our relationships affect the group dynamic, how does our environment affect us as individuals?

Of previous work: ” soars in the memory long after the audience has crashed back to earth.”

Choreography | Rob Heaslip
Music | Ross Whyte
Dramaturgy | Brigid McCarthy
Lighting | Rob Moloney

Friday 1st July @ Tramway, Glasgow (Premiere). 7.30pm (book tickets here)
Saturday 2nd @ Tramway, Glasgow. 7.30pm (book tickets here)
Friday 8th July @ Woodend Barn, Banchory. 7.30pm