KaSt Dance Company | Triple Bill

KaSt Dance Company return to DanceLive after last
year’s sell out performance with a triple bill of new
works. Katie Milroy’s Fragile Paper is a collaboration
with Aberdeen based visual artist, Anna Shirron
who has created a series of large scale hand cut
paper installations, Steven Martin’s Stone Petals with
excerpts of original score by composer Luke Brady
and the duet Constricted Abandon is the second
work of a four year duet project.


“This is dance that moves and engages: dynamic,
musical, visceral and performed with an irresistible
honesty and commitment that reach into the
auditorium.” (Joan Cleville)

Thursday 15th October
Woodend Barn


Current Repertoire available for touring

KaSt is touring Scotland and the UK throughout 2015, and can offer a mixed bill from their repertoire, plus a tailored education programme.


Who We Are/Who Are We?

Who We Are/Who Are We? introduces KaSt while exploring the idea of identity; how the dancers find their ground by taking risks, trusting, and challenging each other. It’s a fun duet which draws on the relationship between the dancers and juxtaposes their individual styles, with a sense of playfulness. Choreographed and performed by Steven Martin and Katie Milroy.

One Night

One Night is the story of a life-changing relationship, told through live music, highly physical movement vocabulary and intricate contact work. The visceral movement language tells the story of these men together and as individuals, replaying their raw emotional journey in front of the audience. The duet is broken into sections by a performer singing alone at a microphone with aguitar, showing the vulnerable cracks in the relationship and giving the audience another way to connect to the performers. Choreographed by Steven Martin. Dancers: Steven Martin and Joel Wilson.

Tête ­à ­Tête

Choreographed by Steven Martin. Dancers: Michaela Gebremedhin Wate and Joel Wilson.



Choreographed by Katie Milroy. Dancers: Lawrence Gorringe, Ailish Maher, Christina Reed­Richards, Steven Martin, Michaela Gebremedhin Wate and Joel Wilson.

Touring Programme Options

KaSt can present a programme tailored to your venue and audiences, they offer a full programme with the group work and duets, a selection of duets, or are happy to form part of mixed bills.

Participatory Options and Residency Packages

KaSt can offer education packages including workshops for various age groups and residencies with youth groups to create curtain raiser performances.

Further information / booking

Please contact Jennifer Phillips. Tel: 07863 029333 Email: jenniferkphillips@outlook.com