Made to Measure


Restless Kreatures present Made to Measure  – Dance Theatre for Family Audiences

Made to Measure is a fun family show combining the humour of Clowning with the energy burst of Contemporary Dance. The piece explores Concepts of Size, Shape and Measurement; using the performers physicality with a range of everyday objects to bring these ideas sharply to life. The performers skilfully engage with younger audiences – encouraging lots of interaction – with some rather surprising results. Following the show, is an informal workshop session that consistently gets audiences up and moving!

Running Times: Show – 45 mins / Workshop 15-20 mins

Recommended Audience: Enjoyed by all. Ideal for children 4-10 years. “The children were mesmerised.” DanceLive 2012

Made to Measure and the Curriculum for Excellence

The show is an excellent introduction to Early and First Level Maths & Numeracy Outcomes – especially in relation to understanding Measurement.

Early Level “I have experimented with everyday items as units of measure to investigate and compare sizes and amounts in my environment, sharing my findings with others.”

MNU 0-11a First Level “I can estimate how long or heavy an object is, or what amount it holds, using everyday things as a guide, then measure or weigh it using appropriate instruments and units.”

MNU 1-11a First Level “I can estimate the area of a shape by counting squares or other methods.”

MNU 1-11b Workshops can include group measurement tasks – cloth measuring tapes and chalk are all supplied to encourage creative problem solving.

As a piece of live theatre and dance, Made to Measure sits firmly within the Expressive Arts area of the Curriculum.E-Pack

Workshop Opportunities – A range of additional dance workshops are available taylor-made to the needs of each group. Contact us to discuss.

To book Made to Measure please contact: Ruth Kent, 07596 043 584

Technical Specifications Made to Measure works in studio theatre and non-theatre spaces. It has minimal technical requirements and can be adapted to fit the venue.

Space Required – we require a clear floor space of 4-6 metres square. A dance floor is preferable. A vinyl or wooden floor would also work. Audience Seating – the set up is on 3 sides, as close to the action as possible. Children seated on floor mats with some seating provided for accompanying adults. Sound and Lighting – Sound for show is on I-Pad, ready to go. We have our own small PA system if necessary. There is a basic lighting plan, if facilities exist. Get In – 3 hours / Get Out – 1 hour max.

Photos by Sid Scott – See Imagine Define