Dance Amazing

Dance Amazing was an ambitious programme which engaged more than 11,000 young people and their families with arts and creativity, conceived by Andy Howitt and Jennifer Phillips, and funded by Creative Scotland as a First in a Lifetime project.

Dance Amazing combined dance, art, design, music and technology to create an exciting, stimulating and magical first arts experience for young people and their families. The project gave over 11,000 young people in Aberdeen the opportunity to participate in creative dance sessions delivered directly in schools, and offered ongoing participation opportunities after the event.

Dance Amazing was also an inspirational and immersive dance event routed in movement and dance, the spectacular dance maze at the Beach Ballroom.

“As the audience climb the steps to the Ballroom, they enter a magical dance world, filled with dancers, or a band, a drummer, an actor, or be immersed in an interactive art/video installation. Participants are chaperoned through the maze, but able to wander at their own pace, and to engage in their own way; watching, seeing, doing, dancing. At regular intervals during the day there are fun, dynamic interventions and scheduled performances.”

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