This Is Performance Art (Aberdeen)

16 February – 19 February, 2011

A collaboration between New Moves International, Peacock Visual Arts and Citymoves Dance Agency, (produced by Angela Lennon for Peacock and Jennifer Phillips for Citymoves), This Is Performance Art (Aberdeen), was a four-day festival featuring some of the most exciting and influential performance artists in the world.

Black Market International were in residence as part of TIPA Europe 2011. The collective; Alastair MacLennan, Boris Nieslony, Elvira Santamaria Torres, Jacques Van Poppel, Jürgen Fritz, Lee Wen, Miriam Laplante, Norbert Klassen and Roi Varra, travelled to Aberdeen for the first time for the four-day programme. The festival included performances, installations, workshops and opportunities to meet the artists.